Plant Trees 4 Life


Partnership with Laura Duksta

Plant Trees 4 Life is honored to partner with New York Times Bestselling author Laura Duksta and her newest book, You Are a Gift to the World (flip) The World is a Gift to You

Plant Trees 4 Life is committed to planting trees to support the future of our planet for our children. It was a vision of ours to team up with a children's author, as we believe in the power of partnership. Through a mutual friend we were connected to Laura Duksta. Her newest book, You Are a Gift to the World which flips over the The World is a Gift to You was the perfect match. Laura's love for trees and nature had her enthusiastically say, "YES!"

Together our intention is to encourage and empower children of all ages, to love and take good care of themselves, one another and the planet we call home. We're doing this so we can all:

Keep Breathing! Keep Reading! and Keep Shining!

Visit Laura's website, where you can find out where to purchase her books or order autographed copies. She also has a program "Empowering Our Children to Shine through the Power of Love!" that she brings to schools across the country.

Laura's You Are a Gift to the World Tour kicks off this April in Aspen. Together we'll be hosting events and school visits during her tour and into the future, so that we can educate children about caring for the planet and begin planting a You Are a Gift to the World forest. We encourage you to share this book and it's message with your loved ones, so that they may begin to experience themselves and the world that we live in as the best and biggest gifts of all.